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We can service all makes and models of lawnmowersfrom small electric rotary types to large petrol and diesel ride-on's. But the service doesn't stop there, we can also offer the same high standard of service for all other gardening & horticultural machinery from hedgecutters and shredders to chainsaws and rotivators. While most of our servicing work has set costs as standard depending on the machine if further work is required these costs may vary.

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Remember we service all types and ages of machinery, you dont need to have been a customer of ours to benefit from this excellent service.



Regular Servicing

Regular servicing of your garden or estate machinery is necessary to ensure it is safe to use. It will also make it work noticeably better, putting less strain on the engine and belts. Preventative maintenance helps to avoid breakdowns during the season and will prolong the life of the machine by a considerable amount.

We offer the following:


We can undertake


Lawn Mower Servicing

Let us prepare your lawn mower, ride-on or garden tractor for the new season. We will perform a complete service and ensure all blades are sharpened ready to keep your lawns beautiful throughout the summer.


Small and Large Equipment

We maintain all types of machinery from two-stroke chainsaws, strimmers and hedge cutters, to four-stoke lawn mowers, ride-ons, tractors and specialist equipment. So, whatever your servicing need -call us today.


Collection & Delivery Service

We provide a full collection and delivery service to minimise hassel for you. Please call us to arrange for your equipment to be collected.

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